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DJ App

Advanced Music Library, Advanced Playlist, Advanced History, Advanced Samplers/Jingles, and Event Management in one application.

DJ AppSimple interface with Advanced features
Switch sound output device on the fly for all players.
Insane searching and filtering to find music.
Works with other DJ programs via drag 'n drop files.
Set EQ, Gain, Speed, and Tempo for each specific Song.
Constant updates

on a 4k Screen:
Intuitive filtering with drop downs or manual search.
Search as Wild (Multi Contains), Contains, Exact, Start, End, Not Contains, Blank, or Filled in any specific field or Global.
Easily add music by dropping in folders, audio files, text files, or m3u files.
Filters show distinct count of all items: Artist, Title, Album, Genre, Folders, Files, Years, etc.
More fields to see and search: Lyrics, Lyricist, Sub Title, Remixer, Composer, Publisher, Conductor, and more.
Show/Hide library.
Drag out to other programs with option to add a Playlist Session History.
Work with program while adding new songs or scanning id3's.
Compact advanced status for adding new songs or scanning id3's.
Edit names, Frequency, and Art Icon in Settings.
Create boxes and add music to the boxes. 
-Change Name, Icon, Importance for each box.
-Create as many boxes as you want.
-Add the same songs to different boxes.
-Search boxes by name.
-Sort boxes by name, number of songs, usage frequency, importance, and more.
- Multi select boxes to show all songs in  all boxes selected
- Use Boxes as filters to show songs that exist in all checked boxes
Folders. (Computer system folders)
-Change  Icon, Importance for each folder.
-Save computer folders to the library.
-Add songs to the library with one click.
-Search by name.
-Sort Folders by name, frequency, importance, and more.
-Select a folder to set a Filter of that directory
Intuitive way to browse your Computer.
Search folders by name.
Search files by name.
Drill folders to see all files in all sub directories fast.
Drill a folder to see all all files inside quickly.
Add songs to the library or Drag files to another program.
Select a file to preview all tags and audio information in the Info tab.
Automatically add files found to the library
Create events with a name and a date.
Sort events by Name or Date of Event
Add Notes and Playlists to each Event and keep it separate from other events.
Sort Event Notes and Event Playlists by Name or Type
See Event Note while working with the playlist at the same time.
Auto Event Color Coding
>> Today's' events in Green
>> Future evens in Purple.
>> Past events in red
CompsList items based on specific data.
Example: List Albums with different artists.
-This makes finding compilations so much easier.
Example: List Artists with at least 20 unique title from the year 1960 - 1969.
- Find duplicate songs.
Jingles-Play up to 50 Jingles at the same time.
-Stutter Play and Stop the first 10 or all 50 with dedicated keyboard shortcut.
-Tempo, Pitch, Loop, Auto Gain, Sound Wave, Hot Cues, etc.
-Auto silence detect and skip.
-VU meters.
-Change sound output device on the fly for all Jingles or one by one.
- Smart Jingle: Can be used as a Sound FX or as a Beat Loop.
- Start/Stop Jingles from playlist via Playlist Commands.
InfoAll the info in one compact vertical panel.
-Large visual of track wave form.
-Tempo, Pitch, Auto Gain, Loop, EQ, DX8, and Hot Cues.
-Auto Cue: Skip Silence or by Percent
-Change sound output device on the fly .
-All the id3 tags you know as well as some id3 tags you don't.
-All the file info you need.
- History Summary
- Multiple Links
- Multiple Art from Tags with a mouse over to show Art in original size.
-Lyrics from id3 tag.
-VU meters.
- Album Art that changes every few seconds and mouse hover to see art in real size.
Playlists10 Simple interfaces with typical buttons plus Fade Next button
-Playlist Commands: add commands to Stop, Delay, change fading mix, play/stop jingles, and stopwatch.
-Hide playlist
-Show Playlist and Hide playlist tracks
-DX8 Effects: Echo, Flanger, Gargle, Distortion, Reverb, and Chorus.
-Flip/Randomize playlist
-Summary (count and length of playlist items)
-Video output as Karaokee (Lyrics), DJ(Album Art, Title, Artist, Album), or mixed.
- Control the playlist with a remote via Video out Playlist Mode
-Supports keyboards with Media Buttons or Browser Buttons to control playlist.
SessionsCreate a session to store the history of the playlist played tracks
View songs for specific dates in a specific session.
Save songs to multiple sessions at the same time.
Search / Sort by any field
Send all/selected to a Box, Song List, or Playlist
HistoryVisual calendar for session selected.
Click on a date, month, or day to see session history in session
Click on multiple dates (with Ctrl + click) to show songs for all dates selected.
See statistics for session with colored bar graphs.
Change History length from 4 weeks up to 200 weeks (4 years)
Mouse over to see date and songs played at that date.
Zoom in/out to see history for a long period of time or recent.
Songs List20 Songs Lists - The first is called "Requests" and is in red.
Rename the list to fit your style.
Change the Color for easy distinguishing.
Create a playlist of songs.
Swap with playlist on the fly with just 1 click.
Drag to Jingles or Playlist.
Drag to 3rd party applications.
Save to Box.
Send to another Songs List.
Wild Search: Title, Artist, Album, Genre, etc.
See all the Songs Lists in the Songs List Summary:
>> Unit, Name, Description, Songs Count, and Color
Preview PlayerShow/Hide by pressing Shift + F2
Conveniently located in the middle of the screen.
Quick controls over the Info Player.
Visuals: Spectrum, Progress Bar with Sound Wave, Zoomed Progress Sound Wave
Track Control: Restart, Cue [A,B,C,D], Play/Pause, Pitch, Tempo, Gain (Auto Gain)
Player Control: Next, Prev, Output Device, Zoom In/Out, Loop:on/off, Start Cue, End Cue,
NotesCreate an unlimited amount of notes in Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, or White.
Cut, Copy, and Paste to and from anywhere.
Convert Note to a list of Songs to search for.. then put all those songs in a Box or Songs List
Go though an entire list of songs requested and find the songs you don't have within seconds.
Send Note song search queries results to a specific Songs List
See and edit all notes in one panel.
Convert to a Search List and show results automatically.
PresenterVideo Presentation
Shows Specified video for song or automatically finds videos to show that match song info
Shows Lyrics automatically from the tag
Shows selected info about song
Shows id3 Art and/or Pictures that match song fields.